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Skottel en Spens

A free translation of the title: Dish and Pantry
Stories and verses about food with traditional recipes

According to Nielsen data basis:

Title: Skottel en Spens. Stories, verse en resepte uit ons koskultuur.
Subject classification: Cultural history:food
Cultural historic view on the Afrikaans cook tradition against the background of traditional furniture and utensils. This is done around verses, poems, stories and anecdotes about food.

Size: 297 x 210 (P)
Extent: 4 pp Cover + 272 pp in full colour
Text paper: 128 gsm Golden Sun Matt Art
Cover page: 270 gsm C1S Artcard
Binding: Threadsewn
Weight: 1.130 kg
Photo’s: 230 in full colour
ISBN: 978-0-620-55251-6

The author

Peet du Toit obtained a doctoral degree in Drama from the University of Pretoria and authored more than twenty books. At his retirement he was head of the Afrikaans and African languages Deparment of the Pretoria Teachers Training College. In his spare time he devotes his attention to his Africana furniture, memorabilia of concentration camps of the Anglo Boer War and stamp collection. The traditions and ways of living of our forbears interest him greatly. It is against this background that his book Skottel en Spens (Dish and Pantry), must be read.